Nigel Sense - 21st Moments

Footy, businessmen, bouquets and Tinder - Nigel Sense’s collection is a slideshow of ‘21st Moments’.  These moments are familiar.  Sense starts a conversation with us about our lives.  He places icons of the everyday on display and invites us to rediscover their significance.  

Sense tackles love and intimacy.  In ‘Rose Bouquet’, he pays homage to the lover’s dozen.  The bouquet is made lively, reinjected with passion and romance.  In ‘I Love Tinder’ romance is undercut.  Here, Sense snaps a private moment between lovers.  He questions sex and love in the internet age.  Whether celebratory or subversive, Sense’s take is always playful.  

In his portraits of sporting stars, Sense winks at Aussie bloke culture.  Footy players are treated as idols, removed from the field and distilled in full technicolor brilliance.  This one-on-one treatment recurs in ‘I’m Quitting’.  The subjects of Sense’s paintings talk to us.  

Underpinning this collection is a sense of humour.  Sense’s figures are cartoonish and expressive.  Visually punchy, ‘21st Moments’ pricks at the beauty and bizarreness of everyday life.  
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