Superstar Jake Clark’s glitter, gleam and material joy.

Jake Clark is a maker of bold, brash and cheekily facetious work. Raised in the infamous beach-side suburb of St Kilda, J.C pays homage to the infamous icons that define our contemporary Western culture in a nod to the fast, the glamourous and the notoriously cool Beverly Hills and California lifestyles.

Seemingly superficial, J.C’s structured canvases ooze a confidence and give the thumbs up to the rich and beautiful. Combining street art technique with a pop art attitude, spray paint, marker, collage and resin are used to give textural, eye-catching work that is flavoured with our favourite characters from popular culture.

However, J.C is careful to maintain the balance between admiration and scepticism, using text and advertising imagery to remind us of the deeper issues at hand within our contemporary culture of consumption, materialism and vanity. It is this hint of sarcasm that renders these works playful and discerning- reminding us that life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously.

Bright, fun works that glitter and gleam before you like the white smile of a California superstar.

Click here to see current works by Jake Clark

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