Five Tips For Becoming a Savvy Art Collector

At Angela Tandori Fine Art we have been serving art collectors for sixteen years. In that time we have learnt from some of the savviest art collectors around. Here are five top tips from our artful collectors.

  • 1. Consider the Medium.

  • Drawings and graphics can be an optimal avenue for savvy collectors. Generally less expensive than paintings, works on paper can allow a collector to buy from famous artists while staying within a budget. Significant Australian artists such as Charles Blackman and Garry Shead offer a rich and extensive canon of graphics and drawings.

    2. Support Contemporary Talent.

    Works by contemporary artists are more affordable than established artists. Plus, new art is exciting. Supporting contemporary talent is not only affordable, it can enrich your collection by giving it an edge.

    3. Only Buy What you Love.

    This applies to all collectors, no matter your budget. However, if buying art is a big decision it is especially important to ensure you love what you buy. As the old proverb goes ‘Art is long, life is short’.

    4. Work With your Dealer.

    Clever collectors cultivate a relationship with their dealer. They get connected to gallery news feeds to keep up to date with new art . Let your art dealer know what your tastes are. At Angela Tandori Fine Art many of our collectors most treasured pieces have been acquired using our consultancy services. And when opportunity knocks and you need to find the money consider helpful payment solutions, such as ArtMoney.

    5. Trade Up.

    Like most things, our taste in art is constantly evolving. If you find yourself in love with a work of art, consider trading it for an older work from your collection that perhaps doesn’t move you like it used to.  Savvy art collectors trade up. So, if you’re tastes have changed you can try reselling works to buy new ones. It’s the cycle of art.

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