Gift Giving Solved! Buying Art this Holiday Season

Art can be the ultimate gift. And now that December has steamrolled round the corner, it can also solve your holiday gift giving woes. Whether for a friend, relative or lover - art can say whatever you like. Nailing the ins and outs of this however, can be elusive. With this in mind, here’s a brief guide to hunting down the ideal gift of art this holiday season.

First off, who are you buying for?

There are two things to consider when mulling this question over - how do I know this person and what do I want the gift to reflect about me. Essentially, buying a gift for your partner, won’t mirror a gift for your boss.

Nudes can represent a deft declaration of love. Landscapes on the other hand, say enough without giving too much away. Spread across a wall and a sublime landscape says something strong, yet universal. Or else, hunt down a work that speaks to the recipient’s uniqueness. If you’re still at loss, there’s eternally symbolic florals. Simple, expressive and an aesthetic delight - fine art flowers are the best kind of holiday wreath.


Where is your present heading?

If your recipient lives far away, shipping a work of art can seem tricky. The easiest and most affordable works to ship are photographs and prints. They can simply roll up, slot into a crush-proof tube and ship worldwide - no need for a sleigh!




Where will it be hung?

It matters where a work is hung. Consider whether your recipient has enough wall space to hang up your gift, or whether it will suit their home. This is particularly relevant if you're don’t know their home well. Pop art however, can be a fun prize piece for any home. Graphic, punchy and tongue-in-cheek - it has style, without taking itself too seriously.


Still unsure?

If you’re still not sure what art to buy, there’s the near perfect gift of Gallery Credit. More than just a gift voucher, Gallery Credit is the gift of art on your recipient's terms. How very festive indeed.


Happy Collecting and Happy Holidays!

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