The Artful Maverick: Iconic Fashion Photographer Turns to Fine Art

Vogue Photographer Peter Bainbridge designs a collection of screen prints as part of a collaborative exhibition between Cosh Living and Angela Tandori Fine Art. 

This series will be available at Angela Tandori Fine Art Online and partly exhibited at the Collingwood Cosh Living showroom from June 25th.

Renowned fashion photographer Peter Bainbridge turns his finely-tuned eye to art with the new collection - The Artful Maverick.  A selection from this series of fine-quality screen prints will be exhibited at Cosh Living as part of a special collaboration with Angela Tandori Fine Art.

Bainbridge’s insatiable creativity has fuelled an expansive career.  He begun as a fashion designer with Rose Borg, completing commissions for the National Gallery of Australia.  In the mid-80s however, Bainbridge switched course to fashion photography.

As a photographer he built an even bigger name - shooting for Paris Numèro and German, Korean and Australian Vogue. Bainbridge’s mastery of craft set him apart in an industry wedded to the now.  However, as photography turned digital he lost interest and eventually decided to return to his first love - drawing.

The Artful Maverick is the elegant offering from a true creative.  Never one for following the herd, Bainbridge prints florals, bulls and Ned Kelly on hand-made French cotton paper.  He states that when he makes art there’s a “splitting yourself in two”.  Yet The Artful Maverick seems in perfect harmony - one part beautiful design, one part artistic process.

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