Since 2001, Art & Collectors, formerly Angela Tandori Fine Art has been connecting collectors with art they love. With a focus on Modern and Contemporary iconic and emerging Australian art, we offer a platform where first-time, as well as established collectors can discover art with confidence.

Always available online, as well as for custom, in person consultation should it suit – we are professional, so you can be passionate. 


About You

Our vision for the contemporary collector is simple. No matter your taste, budget or experience, art can offer you something valuable, unique and vital. By leading with passion, we believe cultivating a collection can be a rewarding and accessible endeavour: one rooted in cultural custodianship. To help you get a sense of this, here's our brief to nurturing a fulfilling relationship with art. 

When it comes to collecting art, where do you start?

Starting a collection can be daunting. The art market, like any market is complex - prices fluctuate, theories permeate and trends come and go. Before any of this however, there's art. Getting to know art is about more than market trends or academia. At its best, discovering art is about curiosity, boldness and even uncovering yourself. So where to start? With art that speaks to you. 

What type of art you enjoy?

What draws a collector to a work of art depends. Sometimes, it is its beauty, power or audacity that draws us in; sometimes it's the story it tells. 

To help you realise this connection, we offer a variety of insights. You can arrange to visit our showroom to view a work face to face, ask for more information or just let your intuition guide you through our entire collection. We're here to help you reach that "love at first art" feeling. 

How do you become a Confident Collector?

To be a Confident Collector consider the concept of value in full. Rooted in the personal, cultural and economic, value can mean investing in art you love, art you can afford or in the longevity of your collection.

One way to do this, is to seek out a professional. Backed with nearly two decades consulting in art, Angela Tandori is an experienced valuer.  She can provide professional advice regarding the price, value and selling of art. We also offer tailored payment plans and free resources to get the most from your collection. Most of all however to be a Confident Collector means to love your art. Start your own art collection today and tell your story.



“Thank you very much Angela. I have always looked at your gallery, and am now so glad to have had dealings with you. Really, a great experience and service above and beyond. The info and pictures you have shared are so very much appreciated. We are so thrilled.”

– Marisa S.



Our Big Picture –
The Collector Charter

We rarely meet a collector who doesn’t care - who doesn’t consider their choices, respect art and expect the best from their art market professional. And we feel the same way. From the moment a collector enters our obit, we want them to expect the best. This is why we lead Collector Charter first. From carefully curating the art on offer, through to aiding resale, this is our pledge to you in five quick parts.

1. Discover Fearlessly 

Let’s face it, not all art is created equal - that’s why we carefully consider what enters the dealership. Like an arty Nancy Drew, we’re always on the hunt for collectible works that not only look incredible, but tell an incredible story. 

Bearing the uniqueness of every collector in mind, we curate art that is diverse, surprising yet always rich in value. That way, you can run wild - discovering fearlessly, while knowing you’re in only the best company. 

2. Choose Wisely 

You know what makes for a smooth decision? A trusted advisor. If you have any queries about a specific work of art, artist or your collecting journey in general, reach out. We’ve been known to help collectors pindown specific works, nut out tricky decisions and make sense of their intuition. 

3. Care Conscientiously 

On our end, care extends from the moment an artwork is consigned, right through to when its hung in a new home (and sometimes even after). This means secure storage, flexible shipping, documentation with every purchase and top-tier framing solutions. 

We also endeavour to unearth what’s special about every artwork - from behind-the-scenes research, right through to connecting artists with collectors. With every original artwork we supply a letter of provenance and where we can, a certificate of authenticity and/or essay. 

4. Share Generously 

Here, there’s no such thing as an over sharer. We’re here to share tips and tricks with you, artist interviews, juicy stories from the artworld and guides to how the whole collecting thing works. 

On a more intimate level, we also get a kick from talking to our collectors. Whether it’s an email to see how that new work is fairing, or a tag on Instagram.

5. Impart Thoughtfully 

Straight up, if you need to part with works of art that were bought from us, we will do our best to find them a new home. Our approach is grounded in fairness. While we cannot guarantee an immediate or outrageously lucrative sale, we will do our diligent best to find your artwork a new owner that is as passionate about it, as you were. 

Through our Collector Charter, you can expect support throughout every stage of the custodianship journey - from finding, choosing and caring, through to sharing and parting with your art. But, as they say - actions speak louder than charters. Come collect with us and experience our big picture, first-hand. 



“I received the Olsen yesterday. Many thanks to you and the team at Angela Tandori for the extremely professional service. From the original order to delivery, the process could not have been smoother. The regular communications during this challenging Covid time was very welcome.”

– Saul S, Sydney, NSW



Our History

Art & Collectors began life as Angela Tandori Fine Art in 2001. We were an auction house that roved from coastal Noosa in North Queensland, inland to Canberra and down to Lorne in Victoria. Since then, we have held court at a mansion in Prahran, exhibited at our white cube gallery in East Melbourne, worked from a showroom in Collingwood until going completely online with our digital platform in 2019. 

In 2021, we moved into our current space at Level 1, 165 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy — starting our second life at Art & Collectors. Here we display art and hold exhibitions, while evading the traditional gallery model. We exist to facilitate the discovery of art, in any form that takes. 

Despite shifting models - from an auction house to a gallery, then into an online art platform and back into a physical space - the core of our work has held fast: connecting collectors with fine art they’ll value. 



“We are thrilled to have received our painting late this afternoon. Thanks to your good packaging it arrived safe and sound. You are right, the painting is wonderful and we’re very happy to have it. Thank you also for your professionalism throughout our sale. Appreciated.”

– Bronwyn V, QLD



Our Business

We’ve always dealt in fine art, but the art itself has always changed. Works from different artists, periods and places reach the shores of our collection continuously. There could be something figurative, photographic, colonial or contemporary.

This eclectic impulse harks back to our first days in the auction house, where collector’s discovered their favourite works nestled like treasure in vast catalogues. Rather than try to impose art on our audience, we work to connect collectors with art they are intuitively drawn to. 

In 2019, Angela was elected President of the Art Consulting Association of Association, further cementing her passion for helping collectors to fulfill their visions. She has worked on consulting projects for collectors of all kinds, helped businesses and individuals value their collections and connected art lovers with unique fine art commissions.


 Why we do Business

Angela still believes wholeheartedly in the power of art to stimulate minds, hearts and culture. We see art as freedom of expression, for not just artists but for collectors.  

One of the best things to emerge from our twenty years is knowing that art still surprises us. Our attitude towards fine art is and always will be, for the collector. We’re still betting on the power of art.



About Angela

As the director of Art & Collectors, I empower collectors of all kinds to discover, choose, care for, share and when the time comes, thoughtfully part with their art. My favourite quote is perhaps Rumi's “Let the beauty we love be what we do”. Across my twenty year plus career, this has guided me. What began as a desire to share my love of art and has since expanded into a passion for the entire collecting cycle. 

At Art & Collectors, we specialise in Australian modern and contemporary fine art. As director, I offer consultation, fine art valuation and resale services. I also connect collectors with custom framing, conservation and installation solutions. Beyond this, I have experience as an auctioneer, lecturer and curator and am currently the President of the Art Consulting Association of Australia.

Having experienced it from almost every angle, I believe that the future of Australia’s art market lies with custodianship. By empowering art lovers to become custodians, we not only support Australia’s cultural ecosystem, but share the life-affirming nature of art.