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Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ is among the famous paintings in art history. It depicts The Supper of Jesus with the Twelve Apostles, distilled at the moment Jesus announces that one of his apostles will betray him. The work is staggering in its mastery over narrative, emotion and composition – a profound moment in art and Western history.

Auguste Blackman’s personal journey into the work began at art school as a way back towards traditional painting – a circumvention of the modern ideas his teachers were pushing. As Blackman delved into the work, painting his own iteration, teachers and students found themselves in a dialogue with the history of art, and issues of composition and restoration.

After living with it for many years, Blackman has decided to part from his ‘The Last Supper.’ The day the decision was made an Australian art critic posted a photograph viewing the original version – “divine intervention,” Blackman muses. A magic always surrounds the work.

Stretching over two meters in length, ‘The Last Supper’ has inspired Blackman’s family for many years. An evocation of the Renaissance, art school and magic of painting, it is now ready to awe a new collector.

Auguste BLACKMAN (1957 - )
'The Last Supper' 2006
oil on canvas
Image Size: 120 x 235 cm
Dimensions: 120 x 235 cm
Signed: Signed Auguste Blackman
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Condition: Excellent

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