Charles Blackman 'Boy and Bird'

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Charles Blackman is one of Australia’s most beloved artists. His works are pensive meditations on the human condition, told in a dream-like state. ‘Boy and Bird’ is a disarming image — mythological in tone, with a boy aboard an ornamental bird, soaring through an orange sky.

Many of Blackman’s works have entered the Australian visual vernacular, with representation in all national galleries and a body of curatorial and scholarly interest. This rare print, produced by the artist with the Crown Street Press, is a valuable addition to budding collectors and connoisseurs of Blackman’s work.

Charles BLACKMAN (1928 - 2018)
'Boy and Bird' c. 1998
etching on paper
Edition of 75
Image Size: 30 x 45 cm
Dimensions: 53 x 75 cm
Signed: Signed Charles Blackman in margin.
Comes with Letter of Provenance
Hard ground etching printed on 100% cotton French paper 300 grams
Condition: Excellent

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