Charles Blackman 'Wavy Kate'

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Provenanced from the Charles Blackman foundation, this original drawing represents a rare glimpse into the artist’s archive. Dated 1976, it is a portrait of actress Kate Fitzpatrick. The enigmatic woman faces away from the viewer, her hair cascading across the page like rolling waves.

In 1970, Blackman was awarded the Cite des Artes Scholarship, allowing him to live in Paris for a year. The experience was hugely formative — Paris spoke to Blackman, who would return to its street intermittently for the rest of his life.

‘Wavy Kate’ is a distinctly post-Paris work. It is sensual and free, alleviated of anxiety and reticent of the ‘free love’ movement of the 1970s. As always however, Blackman’s treatment of beauty is not unidimensional. A hint of wistfulness, perhaps even melancholy lingers. This is a portrait of a friend and thus, always slightly equivocal to the viewer.

‘Wavy Kate’ has never been owned before. For collectors of Blackman and important works on paper, it is a sterling find, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from the Charles Blackman Foundation and hand-intialled by the artist.

Charles BLACKMAN (1928 - 2018)
'Wavy Kate' circa 1976
ink on paper
Image Size: 18 x 13 cm
Dimensions: 28 x 23 x 1 cm
Signed: Initialled and titled upper right. Wavy Kate /CB
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

This drawing is window mounted and ready to frame

Condition: Very Good. The image is in fine condition with some marks from the studio. As illustrated.
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