Prunella Clough 'Untitled' mixed media 1974

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This mixed media with collage from the mid Seventies is typical of Prunella Clough’s work: the geometric abstraction and interest in shape, the spatial sense of double vision, the muted tonal palette and the use of collage. The intriguing elements of the collage include two eggs and the top of what looks like a 2 or a ?.  

A thoroughly fascinating modern woman, this work of art is as intriguing as the artist herself. Born Cara Clough-Taylor, in Knightsbridge in 1919, Clough reinvented herself as Prunella and, like her aunt, the legendary designer Eileen Gray, went on to pioneer the life and work of a modern female creative in the twentieth century. Turning her back on the affluent drawing rooms of her upbringing Prunella eschewed the typical female genre of still life and went off to paint cooling towers, broken fences and industrial wastelands. Fellow artist Patrick Heron described Clough’s paintings as  “machines for seeing with":

“Always, after even half an hour in the presence of a painting or two by Prunella, your consciousness seems suddenly attuned to certain realities which immediately become overwhelmingly visually available to you as you walk away down the pavement – any pavement. The gritty greys of West London brickwork; the rectilinear grid of the mortar separating each brick … the regular rows of punched-out holes in an old metal grille at your feet; the sudden surprisingly organic irregularity of seven blades of grass erupting in the crack between two paving stones…”

Prunella Clough is widely appreciated as one of the most significant British artists of the post-war period. Her work consists of paintings, collages, drawings and reliefs which demonstrate the characteristic development of her work through her various influences - including social realism, cubism and European abstraction. Clough's work enjoyed increasing recognition from the 1970's onwards. She was awarded the Jerwood Prize for Painting in 1999, the year of her passing and in 2007 she received a retrospective exhibition at Tate Britain.

Prunella CLOUGH (1919 - 1999)
'Untitled' 1974
mixed media on cardboard
Image Size: 23 x 23 cm
Signed: Clough
includes typed note with painting: Prunella Clough / Sotheron Road / 1974

Condition: Very Good. Image is in Fine condition.