McLean Edwards 'Untitled (Cool Cat)'

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Mclean Edwards is a celebrated contemporary artist. A five-time Archibald finalist, he has the rare ability to tease out his subjects psyches. Here he draws two cool cats - one literal and the other figurative, adorned with sunglasses reminiscent of a late night crooner. There is something strange, slick and charming here, some set-up to a yet untold joke.

Edwards’s subjects have been described as “refugees of a bygone era floating anchorless in today’s ostensibly classless society”. There is an absurd sadness to them, a mix of morality and humility that is endemic to the human experience. Rather than just tragic however, there is always plenty of humour, the only salve against the senselessness of life.

Represented in numerous public collections including Artbank and the Australian War Memorial, and widely written about, Edwards is a highly sought after artist. Whether loneliness, vulnerability or love, he approaches the guts of life with intelligence, flair and humour. Astute observers will note the forty-four scrawled in the image’s right-hand corner which denotes the artist’s age at the time of creation. Its also a countdown towards mortality or the cat’s ninth life.

For collectors of drawings, contemporary art and the existential condition, enrich your collection with the charming and collectable ‘Untitled (Cool Cat)’.

McLean EDWARDS (1972 - )
'Untitled (Cool Cat)' 2016
ink on paper
Image Size: 25 x 32 cm
Dimensions: 52 x 58 x 5 cm
Signed: Partially signed lower left corner and inscribed 44
Comes with Letter of Provenance
Inscribed with 44 lower left corner, the artists age at the time of creation.

Condition: Very good
© McLean Edwards / Copyright Agency 2022