Anne Marie Hall 'Untitled (Wild Gale)'

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What do you see in Anne Marie Hall’s ‘Untitled (Wild Gale)’? Against a gold and blue backdrop blows a powerful gust of wind; it has sucked up crows, cats, mice and flamingos, turned them big, small and topsy-turvy. Do you spot the contorted flamingo in the bottom third? The more you look, the more you see.

In classic fairy tales, wind is a catalyst for change. The North Wind sees a little boy impress the wind with his humility and resilience, while certain interpretations of the Wizard of Oz imagine the tornado as a symbol for Dorothy’s rage. The wind is ferocious and formidable, yet invisible and uncatchable. In her work Hall gives it voice, creating an idiosyncratic and expressive puzzle for the eye to savour.

Alongside fellow modernists Joy Hester and Mirka Mora, Hall forged a compelling voice in an otherwise male dominated crowd. She has been collected by The National Gallery of Australia, the Ian Potter Museum and the Geelong Gallery, representing a unique, collectable and compelling perspective of Australian modernism. For collectors of mid-century art and still lifes, collect this gust of fresh air before it blows away.

Anne Marie HALL (1945 - )
'Untitled (Wild Gale)' 1969
Oil on canvas
Image Size: 84 x 102 cm
Dimensions: 84 x 102 x 2 cm
Signed: Signed and dated bottom right: Anne Hall 69
Comes with Letter of Provenance
Condition: Very Good: This painting is in reasonable condition, but it would truly shine after a visit to a skilled conservator. We can assist you in ensuring this piece receives the care it deserves.
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