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Anne Hall’s ‘The Clever Rat’ is an epic. It is unwieldy and dense, a domestic circus replete with monkeys, rats, a child, cage, snake, banana peel, pirate and couple. From one perspective, the work is about the conflicting pressures of modern life – confinement and freedom, civility and chaos, and danger and naivety.

From another perspective, it is personal. The couple depicted are Hall and her former husband, artist John Perceval. They divorced in 1981 when Perceval was admitted into a psychiatric ward for alcoholism and schizophrenia, not before Hall helped him complete his major rendition of Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Christ Carrying the Cross’.

‘The Clever Rat’ is itself reminiscent of Bosch, revelling in a dream logic that lunges between magical and grotesque. A monkey plays owner to a rat, who is as big as a dog. Hall cradles a snake like a baby, a perversion of Eve’s temptation and her child id reclines on the floor in a star-studded unitard. A dandy pirate, perhaps Perceval’s alter ego, cowers in the background. The space is cramped yet expansive, a home, zoo and circus.

For collectors of Hall and modern art, the beautifully framed ‘The Clever Rat’ is a spectacular find, art historically and visually rich.

Anne HALL (1945 - )
'The Clever Rat' 1973
oil on board
Image Size: 92 x 123 cm
Dimensions: 94 x 125 x 5 cm
Signed: Signed and dated lower right 'A. Hall 73'
Also signed and dated on verso

Condition: Excellent
© The Artist or Assignee