Jeffrey Makin 'Desert Boabs'

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Anyone who has travelled into the Australian landscape will recognise its magnetism. At once unyielding and symphonic, its varying, vast and sometimes alien terrain has transfixed generation after generation of artists. Today, the living leader of this tradition is Jeffrey Makin, who out in the plein-air distils the ‘spirit-of-place’.

For Mr. Makin, the landscape offers complexity, history and personality. In his ‘portraits’ of natural landscape, he carves out their character, knowing better than most how much experience defines place.

Whether you crave nature, or just know the value of a good view - Mr. Makin’s landscapes will help your soul and home. He’s a genius when it comes to genius loci - a term meaning essence of place that has held resonance since Ancient Rome. Considered the heir of the Heidelberg school, Mr. Makin is represented in all national, state and most regional and corporate collections.

Jeffrey MAKIN (1943 - )
'Desert Boabs'
Drypoint Etching
SE 10/20
Image Size: 30 x 40 cm
Paper Dimensions: 76 x 56 cm
Signed: Signed titled and editioned in the margin

Condition: Image is in excellent condition, outside margins are imperfect which means this work needs to be window mounted.

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