John Olsen 'Bondi - Rose Fingered Dawn'

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Claude Monet once reflected on his waterlilies, “One Instant, one aspect of nature contains it all”. These words could have been uttered by Australia’s John Olsen, whose ‘Bondi — Rose Fingered Dawn’ feels like an Antipodean Impressionist Masterpiece.

Like Monet, Olsen is profoundly moved by nature, seeing its major and minor chords as integral to the same symphony; and a symphony ‘Bondi — Rose Fingered Dawn’ is. Its title is derived from Homer’s Odyssey, denoting new beginnings in an ongoing journey. In undulating shades of aqua, lilac, yellow and green, Olsen conjures the optimism of a new dawn, conducting a gentle sublimity from the waters edge.

Olsen is considered Australia’s greatest living painter, having won the Wynne Prize twice and Sulman and Archival Prize. Between 2016 and 2017, the Art Gallery of NSW and National Gallery of Victoria co-curated the major retrospective John Olsen: The You Beaut Country. Hand-signed by Olsen himself, this fine quality archival print will bring your collection to life.

John OLSEN (1928 - )
'Bondi - Rose Fingered Dawn'
Archival pigment print on paper
Edition of 65
Image Size: 76 x 82 cm
Dimensions: 91 x 97 cm
Signed: Hand Signed by John Olsen ; blind embossed with a Kookaburra design drawn by John Olsen
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Limited edition fine art reproduction print, hand signed by the Artist. Every work is blind embossed with a Kookaburra design created by John Olsen confirming their validity.

Condition: Excellent

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