John Olsen 'Edge of the Void'

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Revered Australian artist John Olsen first visited Lake Eyre in the mid-1970s. Since then the vast corpus of water has, as art historian Patrick McCaughey describes, occupied "Olsen's Dreaming". It never ceased to inspire wonder in him. Whether skittish at its edges or downed in its depths, Olsen's reverence for lake is as spiritual as it is artistic.

'Edge of the Void' is a testament to Olsen's adoration for its subject. Tinged turquoise, it churns beneath the eye, recalling the sublimity of the Australian landscape. In his trademark lyricism, Olsen merges land, sky and lake in poetic unity, expressing his philosophy of Vitalism. On one of his first visits to Lake Eyre, Olsen and naturist Vincent Serventy capsized in a storm that sent his paints skyward and sandwiches seaward. Rather than discourage him, this experience proved integral to his reverence for Lake Eyre. At its sparkling banks, he happily reflects "Gee, I’m very small-time here".

Winner of the Wynne, Sulman and Archibald Prizes, represented in all major institutions and a recipient of the Order of Australia, Olsen is an icon of Australian art.

John OLSEN (1928 - )
'Edge of the Void' 2002
Edition of 50
Image Size: 30 x 40 cm
Dimensions: 75 x 56 cm
Signed: Titled, signed and editioned in the margin
Comes with Letter of Provenance
Literature: Ken McGregor, Teeming with Life John Olsen: His Complete Graphics 1957 - 2005, Macmillan Publishers Australia 2005, illustrated page 204 (another number from the edition).

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