John Olsen 'Frog Swimming'

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John Olsen’s kinship with frogs began in 1971 when he held one in the rainforest. Cool and alive in his palm, he was profoundly struck by the frog’s oddities - bulbous eyes, wet skin and the ability to spring away like coiled wire. Since then, Olsen has repeatedly paid tribute to the frog, imagining him in all his captivating forms.

In ‘Frog Swimming’ Olsen pictures the frog in three states: egg, tadpole and fully-fledged frog. Like his vision for life, this work sees all forms of life as vitally interconnected — expressions of the same great vitality.

A tribute to the polyphony of nature in all its miracles - both big and small - collect ‘Frog Swimming’ before it glides away. Winner of the Wynne, Sulman and Archibald Prizes, represented in all major institutions and a recipient of an Order of Australia, Olsen is an icon of Australian art.

This work will charm collectors of Olsen, iconic Australian art and those who care about nature.

John OLSEN (1928 - )
'Frog Swimming'
Archival pigment print on paper
Edition of 45
Image Size: 71 x 51 cm
Dimensions: 86 x 60 cm
Signed: Hand Signed by John Olsen; blind embossed with a Kookaburra design drawn by John Olsen
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Limited edition fine art reproduction print, hand signed by the Artist. Every work is blind embossed with a Kookaburra design created by John Olsen confirming their validity.

Condition: Excellent

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