Tim Storrier 'Surveyor (Camp Site 1)'

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Tim Storrier’s visions of the landscape are symbolic. He is interested in notions of nostalgia, exploration and identity, trekking into the outback to set debri alight and sleep under an indigo sky. In this work, he arranges tools and trinkets into the form of a saddle. One is reminded of assemblage art, where the real and symbolic subjects merge.

‘Surveyor (Camp Site 1)’ is at once an interpretation of the landscape and a faceless self-portrait. Each object carries years of use, many of which were spent hacking against the immensity of nature. In this way, Storrier’s representation of his camping utensils is embedded in his life as an explorer and artist. They are the saddle on which he rides into the horizon. Rather than we just carriers of them, Storrier suggests that objects can carry elements of us.

Storrier has been awarded the Sulman Prize twice in 1968 and 1984, the Archibald in 2012 and an Order of Australia in 1994. He is represented in most national collections and in 1989, was made a trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

‘Surveyor (Camp Site 1)’ is a scarf designed by Slyvia Lowenstein - the wife of Tom Lowenstein, Storrier’s accountant - and based on Storrier’s work. It was produced by Tessitura Serica Antonio Ratti, an internationally renowned Italian silk printing manufacturer in France.

This sumptuous scarf is a stunning representation of Storrier’s vision and is available framed and ready to hang. ‘Surveyor (Camp Site 1)’ will delight collectors of Australian contemporary art, as well as admirers of Storrier 


 Tim STORRIER (1949 - )
'Surveyor (Camp Site 1)' 1990
Limited edition screen print on silk
Edition of 500
Image Size: 102 x 102 cm
Framed size: 106 x 106 x 3
: Bears a facsimile of the artist’s signature and edition number lower right

Condition: Excellent

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