Eddie Botha's Roving Gallery

Eddie Botha

For the next eight months, a mega work by Eddie Botha will weave through Moreland road, Melbourne Zoo through to the CBD - stopping to collect people along the way.  The 55 tram, a Melbourne staple has been reimagined by Botha as part of the Melbourne Festival.  The result calls the city as Botha sees it - “an intricate pattern of people and opportunities”.

Botha’s vision is perfectly suited to the Melbourne Art Tram project.  This project selects local artists to treat trams as canvases, reflecting a city where creativity is as ubiquitous as bitchemen.  Botha’s design finds harmony in crowds, relishing the cacophony of passengers packed into trams, streets or parks.  

Botha’s collage of characters can be seen travelling from West Coburg to the city.  So hop aboard and in the spirit of Botha, take in the scenery.  In the meantime catch Botha and his one-of-a-kind vision for life before it rides away here

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