When it comes to valuing art, there’s more than meets the eye. We help fine art collectors understand, cultivate and protect their collections by providing comprehensive professional valuations.

If you need a valuation for insurance, estate, tax and family division or liquidation purposes, look no further. With a method built on comprehensive data analysis and over twenty years market insight, we will provide you with a valuation that makes sense. So you if need to value your collection, let us help. 

Being a successful collector is about more than acquiring works of art. Led by Angela Tandori, our valuation services help collectors manage and record their collection. With over twenty years industry experience, Angela holds a Certificate in Auction and Valuation Practice, is the President of the Art Consulting Association of Australia, and an Associate Member of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia. 

Backed by this expertise, we work to produce thorough, industry-standard valuations at competitive rates. Whether you have a specific purpose in mind or are just curious, valuing your fine art collection is always worthwhile.

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You can also email us at artandcollectors@gmail.com with any enquires. 


Why value your collection?  

Valuing your fine art collection can be useful in a variety of scenarios. These include insurance, superannuation, financial reporting, asset validation, liquidation reports, estate planning and estate settlement.

Valuation documents can also prove useful as a pre-purchase report or as a guide for those seeking to privately resell a work. If you want us to sell one of your works for you, we can help you. To find out more about Resale Appraisal, click here


Submitting a work of art

Submitting a work of art for valuation is easy. All it takes is three simple steps:

1. Begin by sending us an email to artandcollectors@gmail.com that includes the following details of your work:

  • Title of the work (if known)

  • Artist full name

  • Dimensions (height x width)

  • Medium 

  • Where and when purchased

  • Original invoiced price (if available)

  • Date of original purchase (if available)

  • Whether a certificate of authenticity accompanies the painting

2. Email a clear photo of your work and the artist signature to artandcollectors@gmail.com – a phone photo is fine.

3. Wait for us to email you an initial valuations email, then we can get started!



The initial work to be valued is $220, then $165 for each subsequent valuation. For large collections we are also able to work at an hourly rate. If necessary, travel to and from your location is charged at $110 per hour.

We will begin valuing your work only once valuation form, photos and payment are received. We will also be in contact if further information is required. If you have time constraints that you need us to meet, please let us know in advance and we are happy to accommodate for you.

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"Thank you for your visit today, it was most enjoyable. I appreciate your thoughtful information spread and look forward to receiving your appraisals of the art work at my brother in law’s home. It was a pleasant surprise to find someone so easy to talk to in regard to our needs as we have dealt with a range of people in the last few weeks who have made our life a slight bit more complicated than it should be. You made it so nice for a change, and I appreciate it so much. We look forward to receiving your appraisals."

– Dave S, Victoria


Getting your art collection valued is not only sensible, it can also be thrilling – just ask our recent corporate client. Unbeknownst to them, in the company collection was an original print by preeminent artist Lin Onus. Prior to valuation, they were intending to liquidate the work at an office equipment auction. After valuation however, they learned that its genuine value was approximately $3000. Why not sidestep the guesswork and discover the real value of your collection with us.