1. If the Customer purchases a defective product from Angela Tandori Fine Art, the Customer must notify Angela Tandori Fine Art within 24 hours of receiving the product that the product is defective.

The customer must return the product to Angela Tandori Fine Art within 14 days of receiving the product, with a copy of the invoice for the product and a brief letter or email which includes the Customer’s details and identifies the defect in the product.

( A defect is: The item does not appear as in the photograph, this is open to the discretion for Angela Tandori Fine Art. )

All shipping costs are to the customer. Angela Tandori Fine Art holds no responsibility in the payment of return shipping.

2. If the product is defective, Angela Tandori Fine Art will in its discretion, either:

(a Replace the product; or

(b Provide a refund of the price of the defective product to the Customer.

3.  Angela Tandori Fine Art will not accept any liability for any defective products which the Customer does not return in accordance with clause.

4. In no case shall the maximum liability of Angela Tandori Fine Art exceed the price of the product in respect of which a claim is made.

5. In the case of an item being damaged during transit by a third party carrier, Angela Tandori Fine Art holds no responsibility.

6. If you believe your item is damaged. It is Angela Tandori Fine Art policy that damage is proven with photographic documentation. All complaints of damage without photographic evidence will not be pursued by Angela Tandori Fine Art.

6.1 Angela Tandori Fine Art requires minimum of three photographs to be supplied by the client within 12 hours of receiving the damaged product. All photographs and complaints must be submitted in writing. Angela Tandori Fine Art holds no responsibility if the customer does not comply with the above requests.

Photographs required:

(a Standing 1-2 meters away with the work of art framed completely.

(b Two detail photographed images of the damaged area.

7. Angela Tandori holds no financial cost for damage to the customer for the product if the product has been signed for by the customer to the carrier.

8. Once the item has left Angela Tandori Fine Art Gallery premises it is deemed the customers responsibility and any loss, theft or damage will be at the cost to the customer or carrier.


( This applies for Australian customers only. International customers can expect longer time periods for return shipping ).