We rarely meet a collector who doesn’t care - who doesn’t consider their choices, respect art and expect the best from their art market professional. And we feel the same way. From the moment a collector enters our orbit, we want them to expect the best. This is why we lead Collector Charter first. From carefully curating the art on offer, through to aiding resale, this is our pledge to you in five quick parts.



Discover Fearlessly 

Let’s face it, not all art is created equal  that’s why we carefully consider what enters the gallery, always hunting for collectible works that are not only beautful, but tell an interesting story. 

Bearing the uniqueness of every collector in mind, we curate art that is diverse, surprising yet always rich in value, allowing collectors to run wild — discovering fearlessly, while knowing you’re in only the best company. 


Choose Wisely 

You know what makes for a smooth decision? A trusted advisor. If you have any queries about a specific work of art, artist or your collecting journey in general, reach out. We’ve been known to help collectors pindown specific works, nut out tricky decisions and make sense of their intuition. 


Care Conscientiously 

On our end, care extends from the moment an artwork is consigned, right through to when its hung in a new home (and sometimes even after). This means secure storage, flexible shipping, documentation with every purchase and top-tier framing solutions. 

We also endeavour to unearth what’s special about every artwork — from behind-the-scenes research, right through to connecting artists with collectors. With every original artwork we supply a Letter of Provenance and where it is relevant and possible, a Certificate of Authenticity and/or a Collector's Essay. 


Share Generously 

Here, there’s no such thing as an over-sharer. We’re here to share tips and tricks with you, artist interviews, stories of intrigue from the art world and guides to how collecting operates.  

On a more intimate level, we relish talking to our collectors. Whether it’s an email to see how that new work is fairing, a tag on Instagram or a phone call.


Impart Thoughtfully 

If you need to part with works of art that were bought from us, we will do our best to find them a new home. Our approach is grounded in fairness. While we cannot guarantee an immediate or outrageously lucrative sale, we will do our diligent best to find your work a new owner that is as passionate about it, as you were.


Through our Collector Charter, you can expect support throughout every stage of the custodianship journey — from finding, choosing and caring, through to sharing and parting with your art. As they say: actions speak louder than charters so collect with us to experience our big picture, first-hand.