While starting an art collection may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. With art's ability to enrich the mind, home and soul, we believe collecting can suit anyone no matter their reasoning, taste or budget. With this in mind, our Confident Collector series was born. With resources for every kind of collector, this series is designed to keep you informed, empowered and inspired when collecting art.


Nail the Basics

When done with care, collecting art can be a lifelong affair. From beginning through to developing and caring for your collection, learn how to become a cultural custodian with the articles below. 


Starting Your Collection

How Collecting Art is About People
How to Figure Out What Art You Like
How to Start Collecting Art
The Power of Art
What Art Should You Buy?
Why Art Matters
Why You Should Collect Art
Why We Collect Art


Developing Your Collection

5 Tips for Becoming a Savvy Collector
A Socially-Conscious Approach to Collecting Art
Giving Your Art Collection Direction
Four Approaches to Developing an Art Collection
How Art can make a House into your Home
How to Become a Confident Art Collector
How to Build a Lasting Collection?
How to Give Your Home a Hygge Uplift
How to Live Well with Art
What Art Suits What Room
Why not call yourself a collector?

Buying Art With a Purpose

Buying Art For Your Small Business
Giving The Perfect Gift
How to Enhance Your Space Through Art
Telling Your Story Through Art
Why the Personal Value of Art is Paramount
Art, An Investment in Pleasure


Caring For Your Collection

An Interior Design Guide for Hanging Art at Home
Caring For Your Collection
Framing: First Things to Consider
Exploring Art Framing Styles
How and Why to Resell Your Art
How to Hang Picture Frames and Works of Art
How to Salon Hang your Collection
Understanding The Letter of Provenance and the Certificate of Authenticity
Valuing Art Explained
Your Guide to Caring for Works on Paper
The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning
What to do if you inherit an art collection



Learn How to Collect By Medium

Multiples – whether prints or photographs – represent a diverse, accessible and enriching avenue into collecting. With each technique bearing its own particular terms, practices and conventions, they can also be nuanced. To start collecting multiples with ease and confidence, explore our articles on printmaking and photography below. 


Collecting Prints



Enhance Your Education 

If you're across the basics of collecting art, why not deepen your understanding? Explore our range of Collecting Resources and Art History articles to master your practice, learn your history and enrich your experience with art. 


Collecting Resources

Artist Categories: Emerging, Mid Career and Established
Best Books For Collecting with Confidence
Busting Myths About Collecting Art
Collect on Any Budget
How to Calculate the Collectability of a Work of Art
How to Talk About Art
How to Transition from Buying to Collecting Art
Are you an Art Collector or a Decorator?
Why Payment Plans are a Collector's Best Kept Secret
Inside the Booming Online Art World
Why Works on Paper are Having Their Moment
What Makes Rare Art More Collectable?
What Are Museums Collecting?