Based on Gertrude Street in Melbourne’s Fitzroy, Art & Collectors connects collectors with art they love. We are inspired by the Salons of twentieth-century Europe, presenting seasonal exhibitions alongside an ever-expanding stockroom of collectable art, focusing on Australian Modern and Contemporary iconic and emerging artists. 

Formerly Angela Tandori Fine Art, we are led by our Director, Angela Tandori. An art market specialist for over twenty-five years, Angela has extensive experience as a fine art consultant, valuer, auctioneer, speaker and curator. She has been an Executive Member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia for over seven years, four of which she served as President, and is a current Associate Member of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia. 



At heart, Art & Collectors is driven by the belief that art enriches lives. Since 2001, we’ve supported art lovers of all experience levels to become fine art custodians, encouraging a relationship with art rooted in integrity, story and longevity. We curate art for its stories, championing serendipity, discovery and holistic collecting. 

Whether you're an emerging or seasoned collector, based in Melbourne or beyond, we can help expand, hone and manage your collection.


About the Space

Art & Collectors is open to visitors Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 4pm, by appointment outside those hours and always available online. We live at Level 1, 165 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy between Porter’s Paints and The Bureau. 

The space is designed to encourage a more intimate relationship with art. Collectors are invited to engage with what catches their eye, peruse art books and converse. Our collection is eclectic and the space ever-evolving, meaning that no visit will be the same. Here, the serendipity of discovery rules. 

Gertrude Street is an artery of Melbourne’s cultural life. Connecting the city’s oldest suburb, Fitzroy, with its arts precinct, Collingwood, the vibrant enclave has always possessed a renegade spirit. Today’s Gertrude Street is lined with a seductive array of food, fashion and art. Come for us, stay for a while. 

Discover our guide to Gertrude Street.



“Thank you very much Angela. I have always looked at your gallery, and am now so glad to have had dealings with you. Really, a great experience and service above and beyond. The info and pictures you have shared are so very much appreciated. We are so thrilled.”

– Marisa S.


About Angela

Angela Tandori has over twenty five years experience in art. She empowers collectors of all kinds to discover, choose, care for, share and when the time comes, thoughtfully part with their art. 

Executive Member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia for over seven years, four of which she served as President, and Associate Member of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia, Angela offers collection management, consultation, fine art valuation and resale services. She also connects collectors with custom framing, conservation and installation solutions and has experience as an auctioneer, lecturer and curator. 

Having experienced it from almost every angle, Angela believes the future of art lies with custodianship. By empowering art lovers to become custodians, we not only support Australia’s cultural ecosystem, but share the life-affirming nature of art.



“I received the Olsen yesterday. Many thanks to you and the team at Angela Tandori for the extremely professional service. From the original order to delivery, the process could not have been smoother. The regular communications during this challenging Covid time was very welcome.”

– Saul S, Sydney, NSW


Our History

Art & Collectors began life as Angela Tandori Fine Art in 2001. Then, we were a roving auction house, travelling from coastal Noosa in North Queensland, inland to Canberra and down to Lorne in Victoria. Since then, we have held court at a mansion in Prahran, exhibited at our white cube gallery in East Melbourne, worked from a showroom in Collingwood, gone completely digital and re-emerged as both a gallery in Fitzroy and online platform, christened Art & Collectors. 

Despite shifting form, our core has held fast: connecting collectors with fine art they’ll value. We want to foster a relationship with art rooted in discovery, longevity and connection.


“We are thrilled to have received our painting late this afternoon. Thanks to your good packaging it arrived safe and sound. You are right, the painting is wonderful and we’re very happy to have it. Thank you also for your professionalism throughout our sale. Appreciated.”

– Bronwyn V, QLD