Charles Blackman 'Red Garden'

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A white cat reappears throughout Charles Blackman’s oeuvre — a symbol of innocence, childhood, a familiar and clandestine echo of the artist himself. In ‘The Red Garden’, this cat is caught in a garden flush with dusk light.

Like Claude Monet, Blackman was interested in capturing the same landscape at different times of day. Unlike Monet however, he was not interested observing fidelity to these moments. Indeed, there is an intoxicating unreality to Blackman’s garden — a heady magic that recalls the fantastical gardens of Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Garden and Narnia.

Blackman spent much of his childhood in the garden and it’s been said, spent his career painting back to it. ‘The Red Garden’ is a site of wonder and intrigue, forbidden yet seductive. For collectors of Blackman, this work will awe.

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Charles BLACKMAN (1928 - 2018)
'Red Garden' 2004
Screenprint print on paper
Edition of 80
Image Size: 60 x 82 cm
Dimensions: 113 x 92 cm
Signed: Signed, titled, and editioned by the artist in pencil in margin below image.
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