Change can be a daunting prospect. Deciding it’s time to part with a work of art raises all kinds of queries – how, when and where? To help ease the process, here’s our guide. While it may feel challenging, resale can also be liberating, invigorating and stress-free. 


Rona Green, Rendezvous at the Opera'

Why Resell?

Resale is the engine behind renewal, change and focus. Repurposing your collection can help mitigate the challenges life throws in your way. If you find yourself in a new life stage, reselling works of art can help make space for this transition.

It can also be a source of change. If you feel like your art collection doesn’t reflect who you are anymore, resale lets you evolve. Frequently, we meet collectors in the midst of change. They are discovering what art they adore and sometimes, this has moved past what they own. If this is so, we can handle your current collection and connect you with new art.

If you already have a good thing going, reselling works can help that too. In one of our recent articles 'The Secret to Collecting Art from one of World’s Biggest Collectors' we looked at Paul J. Getty's approach to collecting. His advice was to choose a focus. Reselling what doesn’t fit can help sculpt this focus.   


Let’s be Partners

If your art is collectable then we can sell it for you. To ease the process, here are a few pointers on the resale process. 

First, let us know the artist’s name, the medium, dimensions and provide us a photo (camera phone snaps welcome) of the work of art. Supply too, the provenance of the work of art. When we have these details, can can begin appraising the work of art. Once terms are agreed, we will promptly put your work to market.

In the wise words of collector David Leppan;

“Buy what you love. Buy what you know you’ll regret forever if you don’t acquire… And don’t be scared to sell. Everything changes and one is entitled, having loved a piece, to pass it on to someone who will prize it more.”

We couldn’t agree more.

 For more information on our resale service, click here. If you have a work you’d like to resell, you are welcome to send an email with the relevant information.