The art market is an ecosystem. As nuanced as it is multifaceted, knowing you don’t have to brave it alone is invaluable. Enter your art consultant. Across it all, consultants help you make informed, confident and lasting decisions. As former President of the Art Consulting Association of Australia (ACAA) and current Executive Member of over seven years, Angela Tandori is passionate about consultancy. Whether advice, access or professional support, we believe consultants work best when they work with you - making your vision a reality.


Make Wise Decisions  

Want to make the best move? Consultants provide professional advice on finding, buying, managing and deaccessioning artworks. By combining education with insight, we take the edge off complex decisions. It’s like making dinner with Heston Blumenthal by your side! 

We also do all your legwork - viewing art, talking to art sellers, vetting values, attending art fairs and compiling recommendations attuned to your needs. Easy as. 


Your VIP Pass 

Consultants can pinpoint your perfect work and practitioner. Whether you’re after something unique, specific or you’re not yet sure, consultants know where to look. 

In our practice, for example, we have connected iconic artists with collectors to create unique, personally meaningful commissions. We have also combed our networks for works not publically available and connected collectors with the best in fine art providers, be they conservators, installers, framers or more. 

Art can sometimes feel barricaded. Beside a consultant however, these barriers melt - giving you backstage access to your dream collection. 


Practical Support
Dynamic Collection Management

Being a cultural custodian can be a big job. From hanging to transporting, conserving and framing a work of art - it’s a life-long affair. Consultants can help manage this. Reliable and efficient, we make collecting a simplified, conscientious and most importantly, edifying affair. 


Sharing the Good Word of Art

Consultants are also spokespeople for the art market. We can provide curatorial advice, deliver lectures and give floor talks. With the consummate blend of insight and pragmatism, consultants strive to unite the public and the art world through the life affirming value of art.


Art is joyous, but it’s not trivial. To make strides that leave you confident, clear-minded and inspired consider a consultant. Your partner through art market thick and thin, focus on the art you love and leave the rest to your trusted consultant. 

If your collection could benefit from expert advice, access or care, email us today.