Arthur Boyd 'Lovers and Lizard'

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Throughout his career, Arthur Boyd turned recurrently to the subject of lovers. At once abstracted and deeply symbolic, his lovers navigate poetic, fraught realities underwritten by the darker potential of human nature. Evading the saccharine, for Boyd lovers are victims. They suffer from being unprivate, watched. Love becomes guilt because it is frustrated.”

‘Lovers and Lizard’ sees two figures entwine. Are they kissing or devouring one another? Along the fusion of their faces runs a lizard; one of the figures clasps a flower. In Boyd’s depiction, these lovers twist into a tree. The division between nature and humans, love and sublimation, reality and feeling bends to an invisible sun — love is terrible bliss.

Boyd is an icon of Australian art. Foremost in Modernism, he is represented in all state collections and has been honoured with numerous exhibitions.

For collectors of important works on paper and Modernism ‘Lovers and Lizard’. This museum quality work was commissioned for the Art Gallery of NSW.

Arthur BOYD (1920 - 1999)
'Lovers and Lizard' 1993
etching on paper
Edition of 35
Image Size: 25 x 20 cm
Dimensions: 60 x 40 cm
Signed: Signed and editioned below image
Comes with Letter of Provenance
Commissioned by the Art Gallery of NSW. Minor tear to top border; crease on left margin; image itself in pristine condition.
An impression of this work is represented at the Art Gallery of NSW, accession no: 687.1994
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Condition: Excellent
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