Charles Blackman - Graphics Exhibition



An insight into Charles Blackman graphic practice with thanks to his eldest son, Auguste Blackman.

These photos were taken after Auguste had finished training at the George Baldessin Studio in 1976. He describes the experiences working on the family press with his father, Charles Blackman and Master Printer - Satish Sharma.

"Many of the etchings were originally editioned in the late 70’s by the Blackman family company - Well House Press. The name of the press comes from an original convict - built well that was on the Blackman's property at 159 Paddington Street.

The aquatint and acid plate biting were done under the keen eye of Master Printer Satish Sharma.

Satish is rarely acknowledged in Australia as he worked exclusively for the Boyd, Perceval and Blackman families in their private studios. Satish was a renown printer at Galerie Maeght in Paris and editioned for many world famous artist such as Miro, Kandinsky, Calder and Giacometti just to name a few.

To have Satish as our guide and mentor during the foundation of Well House Press was an absolute privilege and joy especially for Charles who thrived in collaboration with Satish who absolutely understood Charles’s dream.

Satish also invented a way of drypoint with plexiglass using a modern wiping technique. This became the Mother Goose series (see Aladdin’s Genie )." 

You can visit the above mentioned Aladdin's Genie here.

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