Christopher Rimmer Collection: African Son

Born and raised in South Africa, Christopher Rimmer is one of the most prolific and talented photographers working in Melbourne today. Christopher immigrated to Australia in 1981 where he commenced formal photographic studies, firstly under Werner Hammerstingl and then later at Rusden College under Paul Green. Christopher’s images are a visual manifestation of his life-long love affair with South Africa’s wildlife and its wide open spaces. Raised in a gold-mining community near Johannesburg, Christopher is familiar with the industrialization characteristic of the country's colonial history and has throughout his life sought to dig deeper and farther into the true, eternal Africa that has always seemed so near and yet so far to him. Utilizing the photographic skills  that he has built over a lifetime, Christopher achieves where other artists have failed in capturing the life, heat and dust of the African desert that overwhelms and enchants those who visit the natural marvel.

In the current collection of Christopher’s work ‘African Son’ his photographs of African animals, such as lions and zebras, inject new life into the much loved subject matter. His animal pictures are animated and lively and have the same intelligent personality that may be seen in portraits of people. As well as photographing animals, Christopher’s portraits of local mothers and children capture a beautiful and relaxed tenderness and joy, their gaze always able to renew in the viewer a new appreciation of life.

These images are a magnificent cross-cultural exploration by a highly talented photographer and keen environmental activist.

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