Fabrice Bigot - Naked Garden

At night, in the midst of suburbia Fabrice Bigot discovers his subject matter.  He shoots flowers, lit just by streetlamps like breathing organisms.  The results are more alien than familiar, more sensuous than pretty.  In the embrace of night, Bigot’s botanicals are stripped of colour and left to their essential form.     

Flowers - long since an aesthetic delight are given new emphasise under Bigot’s eye.  He stalks his subject matter, provoking a darkness that is both unsettling and alluring.  His flowers gently lap from centre frame, enshrouded by a veil of black.  They sink from light to dark, fold, gather and cluster.  Erotic, odd and cinematic, these photographs are a pleasure to view.  Bigot describes these “night flowers” as “standing naked in front of me”.  Under a watchful streetlamp and camera lense, Australian florals are revealed as fragile, seductive and daunting.  

Bigot takes matter that seems entirely ordinary (your neighbour’s garden) and presents it as unearthly.  His big, critically acclaimed photographs fervently treat the pleasant as exotic.  In his first strides as a solo-artist, Bigot reminds us that within our rationalist, urban world bizarre beauty exists.
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