BLOCK BUSTER - Philippe Le Miere’s house of mirrors

You will never see these characters the same way again after you have viewed BLOCK - BUSTER, Philippe Le Miere’s house of mirrors version of popular cultures contemporary heroes


We can find ourselves stuck in a cycle. Wake up, have breakfast, go to work, come home, feed the pet, go to bed. The dreams we once nurtured of changing the world When does creativity spark? Sometimes it hits us by surprise. We catch a face drifting through clouds, wake from a bizarre dream or meet someone unusual. Despite their scarcity, these moments are significant. In Block-buster, Philippe brings two of them together - a dream and a hero, merging both into something surprising and new.

One morning, Philippe woke from a dream where a hero slayed a dragon. Intrigued, he set about sketching the scene - but felt unsatisfied. Instead, he applied the dream’s warrior theme to the most current superhero, Spiderman. Using the elusive logic of dreams, Philippe distorted and contorted these heroes - slaying and remaking them anew.

Like a Rorschach test, Block-buster asks us to discover our own meaning in its subject. It takes blockbuster icons and disrupts them. The effect commands a second glance, recalling our sense of creativity as we construe these twisted superheroes. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake with this feeling everyday? To be reminded that we are still capable of seeing the familiar afresh. inevitably fall to reality’s wayside. Wouldn’t it be nice to break free? Reclaim our creativity? This call to think differently sits at the core of Philippe Le Miere’s new collection, ‘Block-buster’.

Read the Block Buster interview with Philippe, here. 

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