Charles Blackman: Rare Graphics from his Personal Archive!

Charles Blackman 'The Pursuant Cat' - Etching  on paper

In a moment of serendipity, Angela Tandori Fine Art has available for you a small number of rare, high-quality Charles Blackman graphics.  As collector’s items, these graphics are formidable.  As snapshots into Blackman’s life and mind - they also stand apart.  The subject matter may be diverse, yet as clear as rain Blackman’s voice courses throughout.

The graphic medium is dear to Blackman. First and foremost a drawer, Blackman discovered a kinship with printing after falling ill in the 1970s.  Bedridden, he was able to whittle away at plates.  As soon as he recovered, Blackman built himself a complete, comprehensive print workshop.  

Enthralled by printing, Blackman set out transcribing some of his favourite things - Paris, gardens, cats and stories.  In our collection, these ideas appear as pure as spring sunlight.  In My Mother’s Garden, a girl plays secretively in her garden, while in Cat and Insects Blackman crouches low with a cat as it ambles after butterflies.  

Charles Blackman 'My Mother's Garden - Colette ' - lithograph on paper

Several other works see Blackman as we know him best - a storyteller.  The Fire Won’t Burn Stick, Stick Won’t Beat Dog and Hickory Dickory Dock - both represented in the National Gallery of Australia collections take inspiration from well-known fairytales.  Under Blackman however, something painfully real is bared.  Only through a man very serious about them, do these tales become more than they seem.

Charles Blackman 'Fire Won't Burn Stick, Stick Won't Beat Dog...' - Etching  on paper

These fifteen graphics have excellent provenance.   They are rare and engaging.  Blackman weaves together what is warm and familiar - mothers in the garden, frollicking cats and fairytales with poigancy.  His secret?  “You just illustrate them with magic”.  

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