Claim Tax-Deductible Art for Your Business and Home Office Before June 30

No need to be a sour puss - as EOFY approaches, snap up tax-deductible art for your home office like this $300 treasure by Erwin Fabian.


Time is dwindling to collect tax-deductible art. If you work from home as an employee, you may be able to claim art up to the value of $300 as part of your home office expenditure. The only catch, and it’s barely a catch: it must hang in your office. 


Explore works $300 and under here.


For small to medium sized businesses, the good news continues. There are no limits on how many works you can claim with a threshold of up to $150,000 per a work of art. Plus, because art is considered a depreciating asset it qualifies for an instant asset write-off. 
The criteria? It must be tangible (so no NFTs), portable (perfect for the curator-cross-redecorator in the team) and be displayed at your business premises or place of work.
For businesses and employees seeking the benefits of art at work, the sky (or wall perhaps space) is the limit – just act before June 30, 2023


David Frazer - 'The Factory'


Eric Thake - 'Introduction at R.C.H. “Mr. Thake—Dr So & So… Dr… Dr… Dr…'


Out of Office and Into the Home

For many of us, the workplace has come home. This normalisation of WFH has brought its own unique delights (your dog is now a colleague) and challenges. For one, how do we maintain our work mindset in an environment once exclusively associated with rest and recreation? 
Just as your workplace is engineered specifically for work, so should your home office. As tempting as it is to login from bed, respect this sacred boundary. Make-believe you’re leaving the house and commute to your desk.


Ann Rado - 'Be alert, not alarmed'


You don't, however, have to replicate your office’s uniformity. Instead, take this opportunity to curate the workplace you always dreamed of - one that inspires, edifies and reflects who you are. One adorned with art. 


Gwendolyn Martin - 'My Country' 


The Benefits of Art at Work

The benefits of art at work are diverse. Studies have linked it to productivity, employee wellbeing and how positively a business is perceived. At home, investing in art can also make you feel more put-together. Rather than folded laundry and abandoned toys, make your Zoom background a feat of cultural innovation. 
Hanging art at your business sets a tone – it can make your creative and cultural side shine, impress clients and represent a talking piece more inspiring than watercolour chat.  
Remember, we’re experts in art not tax, so consult your accountant to find out if you’re eligible.


Lin Onus - 'Pitoa Garkman (Blue Frogs)'


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