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With the end of the financial year fast approaching, some businesses may be able to claim the cost of art for their workplace as an instant asset write-off. For those eligible, it’s a winning opportunity to invite art into the workplace — turning the office into an extension of themselves, a totalised vision and a space where visitors feel at ease and invigorated. 

But what art suits what room? Should a nude go in the kitchenette, a still life in the waiting room? Here are some pointers to keep in mind when curating art for the  board room, showroom or home office.


Boardrooms need not be boring. Spaces for deliberation, learning and collaboration, they are the physical and psychic centers of workplaces. The tone you set here can permeate through the entire workday. Choose art that feels connected to your employees and purpose, something inspiring but not overbearing.


When it comes to displaying art in workplaces, the kitchen is too often neglected. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should reorientate your most serious pieces to the kitchen. Rather, in all its happy chaos, tea breaks and post weekend catch-ups, the kitchen lends itself best to levity. 

Home Offices

Works that suit the home office best are typically quirkier, more surprising and intellectually rich. They’re generally not risque, but can take aesthetic risks. The aim here is to maintain morale, motivate and communicate what makes you and your work tick. 

We’re experts in art not tax. Consult your accountant to see whether you’re eligible for tax-deductible art. 

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