Exhibitions not to miss this Summer

To start 2023 with inspiration, here are four exhibitions now to miss across Australia. From the frontline of quiltmaking in Western Australia, to streetscapes in Melbourne and the eccentric and impassioned duo, The Huxleys, in Sydney, there are views for all. 



Romancing the Streetscape


Until the 15th of April
At Boorondara Arts in Hawthorn, 'Romancing the Streetscape' opens. An artful wander through the streetscapes and buildings of Melbourne, artists Rick Amor, Andrew Browne, Mark Chu, Robert Clinch, Cathy Drummond and Dani McKenzie slip between observation and imgination, evoking what it means to call yourself a local.

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Bloodlines  The Huxleys


Until the 5th March 
At Sydney's Carriageworks, Melbourne-based collaborative duo, the Huxleys, honour and worship artists lost to the HIV/AIDs epidemic. This multi-form exhibition crosses costume, performance and photography - it provides a poignant stage for the Huxley's lexicon of sparkle, surrealism and connection. 

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SAQA Oceania: Distance and Diversity



From the 28th of Janurary to the 26th of April 

At Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, the boundaries of quilting are challenged with 'Distance and Diversity', a survey of recent quilt-making. History, geography, exploration, flora and fauna, landforms, water, culture, tourism, the enviornment — it all comes out in the stitch. 

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Survey: Works from the Dalrymple Community Cultural Centre Trust Collection


Until the 5th March

At Brisbane's Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts, explore treasures from the Dalrymple Community Cultural Centre Trust collection. Starring artists of national significance, whose Countries span Australia, this is a rousing survey. 

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