Fabrice Bigot: Alice and Utterly Still

Fabrice Bigot’s unnamed new series picks up where his acclaimed Naked Garden left off. Like the latter, Untitled fixates on specimens of nature. However, where Naked Garden was big, smoky and colourless, this new series is richly coloured, compact and cleanly lit. But don’t expect any happy endings. Instead, Bigot once again uncovers the profound, yet unsettling from a bunch of flowers.  

The florals of Untitled are still life - a state that fascinates Bigot. How is something both living and utterly still? These flowers, freshly plucked, brought into the studio and quickly snapped tentatively answer. Wait an hour, and their petals will droop, wait a day and they’ll yellow - yet preserved by the camera, they are cast into eternity.  

In Naked Garden, Bigot considered the strangeness of beauty, in Untitled he thinks about its fragility. He offers us emblems of nature and beauty in a state that recalls decay and artifice.  This acclaimed series, each image just an edition of three treats the flower like no other - as both beautiful and devastating.

See Fabrice's beautiful collection here. 

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