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Dear Collectors,

Today, Sunday August 12, marks a special occasion - Charles Blackman is turning 90! Among Australia’s most eminent artists, Mr. Blackman helped thrust the antipodean canon into the modern age.

Despite coming of age as part of the Australian Modernist movement, his legacy has evolved and endured across his life.

Throughout his work, Charles Blackman harmonises whimsy with emotion. Best known for his Schoolgirls, Alice in Wonderland and Girls with Flowers series, he has a knack for uniting the profound and personal. His Schoolgirls for example, bore his own sense of urban alienation, while his odes to Alice recalled his then wife and muse Barbara, who was dealing with the loss of her sight.

Charles Blackman Metamorphosis limited edition print signed

This landmark birthday is not just an opportunity to celebrate the artist, it’s a chance to revisit his legacy. In our collection of his work, you can encounter the breadth of his feeling. From The Drama, to Nightfall, Mr. Blackman continues to provoke the dualities of life - innocence alongside knowing, distance against intimacy and dreams teetering into nightmares.

So sit back and enjoy this Birthday offering. And congratulations to Charles Blackman himself - not only are you an Australian great, 90 is an incredible milestone! 

See the latest works in from Charles Blackman and Happy Collecting!

Below: Charles Blackman 'Self Portrait with Schoolgirl' 2014, ink on paper

Charles Blackman 'Self Portrait with Schoolgirl'

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