How do You Become and Confident Art Collector?

Where do you start?

Starting a collection can be daunting. The art market, like any market is complex - price fluctuates, theories permeate and trends come and go. But before any of this, there’s art. Getting to know art is about more than market trends or academia. At its best, discovering art is about curiosity, boldness and even, uncovering yourself. So, where do you start? With art that speaks to you.  

What type of art you enjoy?

Discovering the perfect work is exciting. What draws each collector to a work depends. Sometimes we enjoy a work for it’s beauty, it’s audacity, power or for the story it tells us. At Angela Tandori Fine Art we’re delighted to assist you through the process - whether you need to meet a work face to face, learn about the artist, or just dip into a diverse range.

How to do you become a Confident Collector?

To be a confident collector consider the value of the work of art. Value takes into consideration personal, cultural and market value. Angela Tandori, backed with nearly two decades dealing in art is an experienced valuer. She can provide professional advice regarding the price, value and resale of a work of art. Plus, we offer tailored payment plans so great art can also be affordable art. Most of all however, to be a confident collector means to love your art. Start your own art collection today and tell your story.   


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