Our passion is to empower you to collect art with confidence. What’s yours?

Our aim is to inspire you with fine art you’ll value. Naturally what this means depends on what you value in art - be it aesthetic, philosophical, instinctive or strictly business. With this in mind, we strive to offer all collectors a varied and accessible collecting platform and range of fine art and fine art services.

Our entire catalogue of original paintings, graphics and fine art photography is available online. At a glance, this collection spans established artists like Pro Hart, Charles Blackman and John Olsen through to exciting newcomers like Fabrice Bigot, Peter Bainbridge, Philippe Le Miere and Christopher Rimmer with a focus on Modern and Contemporary Australian art. We also offer a range of professional services including valuation, art consultancy, framing and resale appraisal.

No matter how long you’ve been around (in our case, a neat seventeen years), thinking back to core passions is always worthwhile. Ours is to empower Confident Collecting. What’s yours?  

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