Reading the Fine Print | Why Collect Prints?

Printmaking is among the most thrilling spheres in art. For both collectors and artists, this medium offers a suite of benefits – collaboration, innovation and accessibility (to name just three). For artists, printmaking fosters collaboration with a master printmaker. It also represents the opportunity to innovate. Since its inception in 140 AD, printmaking has expanded from woodblock prints into etchings, lithographs, screen prints and now, digital prints.

For collectors, prints offer an accessible avenue into iconic artists. Plus, they can sometimes reveal an unseen side of an artist’s practice. Charles Blackman may be best known for his paintings, but he was also an avid printmaker. The diversity of practices and styles is also highly attractive. Whether an emerging, established or pioneering collector – the wide world of prints has something to offer everyone.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to demystify printmaking. Each week we will breakdown a different field of printmaking, starting next week with original prints. We hope that like us, you can discover the delight of prints.

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