Cool and Collectible | An Interview and Collection from Eve Gunson of Dot + Pop

There are some people who just have a knack for space and Eve Gunson is one of them. As the woman behind the ever hip Dot + Pop, Eve has earnt a following for not just renovating rooms but inspiring the most impeccable interiors. As fans ourselves, we asked Eve to curate her own collection of room elevating art. So read on to browse her collection, discover the key to her tactile taste and why she thinks art should never be an afterthought.


Could you give us a short introduction about yourself and why you love design?

Dot + Pop began because of my always evolving passion for interiors and design. When my partner Matt (who is a registered Builder with 17 years’ experience) and I started renovating houses together in inner city Melbourne nearly 10 years ago my passion grew immensely. It was then that I truly realised my love of design and interiors, and therefore starting Dot + Pop was a natural progression. Dot + Pop is now 4 years old, it has evolved into an online interior and design destination, a place where you can find out about the best of Australian and International designers, interiors, architecture, art and homewares.

Why do you think art is important when designing different spaces?

When designing interiors, I believe that Art must be at the forefront of the design, not merely an afterthought when it comes time to furnishing. Including art within the space from the start gives an instant colour palette to work with, it aids in completing the overall look and feel of the space as well as enabling touches of personality and uniqueness from the start of the design process.

What was your process in curating your collection for Angela Tandori Fine Art?

When curating this collection, I chose pieces that I was instantaneously drawn to, whether it was because of the colour, pattern, shapes, textile or the feel of the piece. I wanted pieces that could fit within many rooms in the home, that could be mixed and matched or be a standout focal point in the room.

When selecting these works of art, what particular space did you visualise?

I tried to select pieces that would work in a variety of spaces, from bedrooms and dining rooms, to lounge rooms and even children’s rooms. I like art that can transform a space on its own, can be easily interchangeable within different rooms of the home, and work seamlessly with the foundation elements that are already present in the space.  

Could you summarise your style and how it influenced your selection of art?

My interior style is modern simplicity. I like to use raw materials such as timber, steel, concrete and stone to create a modern and tactile space. When styling I tend to lean to toward natural materials to create layers, add new tones and create a feeling of warmth. Materials and texture are everything when creating a space.

How can using a stylist help people with the selection and placement of art?

Art is so subjective, so when selecting it for your own home it’s important to go with your gut. How does the art make you feel and how will it compliment the space? And it’s the complimenting the space that you can sometimes need help with. Bringing in a stylist to assist you in deciding which pieces will enhance your space is so beneficial. A stylist will help you visualise the piece in your home, how it’s scale will work with its surroundings, how it will change the overall feel of the space, if it will work with your existing furniture and décor as well as ensuring that it successfully uses the available wall space.

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Summer Coast, original screenprint by David Rankin

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