The Year in Review: Reflecting on the losses, honors and new life from 2023

This has been a big year for Australian art. As it comes to a close, let’s cast an eye back to the moments that hit hardest – losses, honors and new life.

Cressida Campbell   'The Bush'

Vale John Olsen 

In April, Australia farewelled the great John Olsen. A force of personality and creativity, his line is inextricable from the genome of Australian art, vivifying subjects as diverse as tadpoles, Sydney Harbour, the desert and paella. In the poetry of Auguste Blackman, “And all the world will bow as one / We salute you John, our own King Sun.”

Cressida Campbell   'Bush Objects'

Crowds for Clarice Beckett and Cressida Campbell 

This year, exhibitions on Clarice Beckett and Cressida Campbell graced Geelong Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia. Both shone light on the undersung presence of women in Australian art, drawing crowds and glowing reviews from across the country.

Clarice Beckett   'Bathing Boxes'

Steve Leadbeater   'Untitled'

Steve Leadbeater   'Untitled'

Welcoming Steve Leadbeater and Clayton Tremlett 

At Art & Collectors, we welcomed two fresh talents into the collection, Steve Leadbeater and Clayton Tremlett. Expressive and raw, Leadbeater’s work explores the mystery of being human while Tremlett looks at Australianness. Whether the history of bushrangers or semiotics of a galah, he offers new perspectives on our history and culture. 

Clayton Tremlett   'An Exploration of the Square using the Colours of a Galah #1'

Clayton Tremlett   'An Exploration of the Square using the Colours of a Galah #4'

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