There's Beauty in Collecting Fine Art.

Dear Collectors,

13th century Persian poet Rumi once said “let the beauty of what you do, be what you love”.  For many of us, this still holds true.  It certainly does at Angela Tandori Fine Art.  What we love is connecting people with art they love… and the beauty of how we do this?  That lies with our commitment to accessibility and professionalism.

To help empower all collectors, our entire catalogue is online and ready to browsed through.  It includes a vast range of paintings, prints and fine art reproductions - at a vast price range.  If something catches your eye, you’re welcome to see it in person at our showroom overlooking Smith Street or find out more by sending us an email.

Angela Tandori Fine Art is an industry recognised fine art dealership all about Confident Collecting.  We strive to be professional, so you can be passionate!

Discover the beauty of collecting today and as always, Happy Collecting!

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