Vale Gill Del-Mace

Farewelling an artist whose magic lives on 

'Lucrezia Borgia'

Farewell Gill Del-Mace, a friend and an artist whose work has bewitched collectors worldwide. Del-Mace’s perspective was always infused with magic – tattooed women, modern-day Medusas, carousel horses and clowns. She took from a childhood spent travelling between stunt shows, circuses and film sets across Europe, learning the language of theatre. Her resulting practice, playing with concealment and reveal, alludes to Magic Realism, surrealism and the feminine allure.

'The Knife Thrower'

'The Knife Thrower III'

'Backstage 2'

In our years of sharing Del-Mace’s work with collectors, we’ve again and again witnessed her power. A collector in New York, having once seen a Del-Mace in her friend’s apartment, was driven to track the image down, arriving to us under her spell. Others have found inspiration in the strength of Del-Mace’s figures, seeing ‘The Knife Thrower’ as a metaphor for survival and tenacity. Whatever life throws at you, remain composed.

'The Sleepwalker'

'The Tattoo Queen'

While Del-Mace is no longer with us, the magic of her work remains. To look upon it is to behold theatre, curtains drawing open to a fantasy realm where anything seems possible. It is a break from the everyday, a reminder to pursue creativity. Her practice, begun in San Francisco in 1975, will live on in homes and imaginations across the world. 

Our deepest condolences to Gill Del-Mace’s family, friends and admirers.


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