We're 19 Years Young! | Celebrate with us

In nineteen years a lot can change. Since 2001, Angela Tandori Fine Art has dealt in countless works of art, migrated between spaces and shipped off treasures to more corners of the world than we ever envisioned. Some things, however, have remained the same – one being Angela’s appreciation of hats. To continue our nineteenth birthday celebrations, join us for a glance back at Angela Tandori Fine Art’s spectacular coming of age. 


Second from left, colleagues Alinta and Jason either side of Angela at an art auction.


Our business

We’ve always dealt in fine art, but the art itself has always changed. Works from different artists, periods and places reach the shores of our collection continuously. There could be something figurative, photographic, colonial or contemporary.

This eclectic impulse harks back to our first days as an auction house, where collector’s discovered their favourite works nestled like treasure in vast catalogues.


The private collection of Mary Larnach Jones sold from her home in Woodend

How we do business

That’s right, Angela Tandori Fine Art began life holding art auctions. An example is 2003’s collection by the very hospitable Mary Larnach Jones, held in her own home in Woodend. We then spent a decade in Prahran before joining the community of art lovers in the Collingwood Arts Precinct in 2011, where we are still based.


Angela Tandori Fine Art as a gallery (left) and Auguste Blackman's exhibition with us 'Love Story'.


Why we do business

This is the interesting part. Despite shifting from auctions, to exhibitions to an online platform, the DNA of our business is collectable art. Angela still believes that art is important - as a source of joy, inspiration and critical discussion.

One of the best things to emerge from our nineteen years is knowing that art still surprises us. Our attitude towards fine art is and always will be, for the collector. We’re still betting on the power of art. 

Angela's favourite quote remains Rumi's “Let the beauty we love be what we do”.


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