Philippe Le Miere

Born in 1975, Philippe Le Miere is a contemporary Australian artist who works from his studio in Fitzroy, Victoria. His work is influenced by ideas surrounding analytical psychology, the psychological theory of dreams, archetypes, and the collective unconscious. Through the re-interpretation of popular culture iconography and contemporary mythology, he explores what it means to exist in our 21st century world. Le Miere's work is represented in MWH Australia, The Royal Women's Hospital and many private collections both nationally and internationally.


Philippe Le Miere on

'Original Copy' - the series of original paintings.

'Blockbuster' - the series of paintings.

'Clickbait' - the series of paintings.

'Symbols of Transformation' - the series of paintings

'The Accidental Revival - How Philippe Le Miere Stumbled Across the Pochoir'


Philippe Le Miere