Our vision for the contemporary collector is simple. No matter your taste, budget or experience, art can offer you something valuable, unique and vital. By leading with passion, we believe cultivating a collection can be a rewarding and accessible endeavour: one rooted in cultural custodianship. To help you get a sense of this, here's our brief to nurturing a fulfilling relationship with art. 

When it comes to collecting art, where do you start?

Starting a collection can be daunting. The art market, like any market is complex - prices fluctuate, theories permeate and trends come and go. Before any of this however, there's art. Getting to know art is about more than market trends or academia. At its best, discovering art is about curiosity, boldness and even uncovering yourself. So where to start? With art that speaks to you. 

What type of art you enjoy?

What draws a collector to a work of art depends. Sometimes, it is its beauty, power or audacity that draws us in; sometimes it's the story it tells. 

To help you realise this connection, we offer a variety of insights. You can arrange to visit our showroom to view a work face to face, ask for more information or just let your intuition guide you through our entire collection. We're here to help you reach that "love at first art" feeling. 

How do you become a Confident Collector?

To be a Confident Collector consider the concept of value in full. Rooted in the personal, cultural and economic, value can mean investing in art you love, art you can afford or in the longevity of your collection.

One way to do this, is to seek out a professional. Backed with nearly two decades consulting in art, Angela Tandori is an experienced valuer.  She can provide professional advice regarding the price, value and selling of art. We also offer tailored payment plans and free resources to get the most from your collection. Most of all however to be a Confident Collector means to love your art.

Start your own art collection today and tell your story.   

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