An informed art collector,
makes a better custodian 

Sometimes to make a lasting, confident decision, it is advisable to seek expertise. Backed by over twenty five years experience, our consultation services meld expertise with flexibility and a passion for custodianship.

Our approach bears the big picture in mind. From finding, choosing, caring for, sharing and imparting your art collection, we empower collectors to make confident decisions at every stage of their journey. This can mean sourcing works of art, commissioning paintings and fine art portraits, arranging custom framing, organising installation, advising on conservation, valuing art and facilitating resale.


 Angela presenting a talk on collecting art 


Across her more than twenty-five years in the field, our Director Angela Tandori has built an expansive network that spans writers, curators, framers, conservators, galleries, consultants, financial advisors to the arts, auctioneers and valuers. She is graduate of art history, has a Certificate of Auction and Valuation Practice and has served for seven years on the Executive of the Art Consulting Association of Australia, where she was President between 2019 and 2023.

This expertise alongside close attention to your needs lies at the heart of our consultation services. So, whether you want to hone, expand or start your art collection, let us lead you with professional, thoughtful and bespoke guidance. 

Optimize your experience and investment in fine art with the assistance of our art experts. To find out more, email or call Angela on 0499 184 964

See our full list of Consultancy services and fees below.  


Our Art Consultancy services 

Tailored for you, our consultancy services will guide you through every stage of the collecting journey from finding the ideal work, caring for it and right through to parting with it.    

Fearless acquisition

Whether you are seeking advice or searching for a specific artwork, we provide professional, discreet and customized consultancy. These services include:

Finding art 

  • Sourcing works through our network of secondary and primary art market professionals 

  • Pre-purchase reports

  • Public, private and corporate art commissions 

    Auction assistance

    • Acting as an auction room agent

    • Confidential auction bidding 

      Professional advice

      • Pre-purchase advice

      • Advice about acquisition finance options


        Care conscientiously 

        From the logistics of protecting, installing and transporting art, through to public speaking and fine art valuations, we place care first. We offer support for:


        • Advice regarding insurance, freight, framing, lighting and installation

          Collection management 

          • Registration, conversation, installation, storage and shipping 


            • Broadcasting, podcasting, floor talks, lectures and panel moderation

              Estate management

              • Fine art valuations for individuals, public institutions, government agencies and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)


                Share Generously 

                If you need help sharing your art with friends, family or the public, we can help. For sharing generously, we can aid: 

                • Guided tours in public and private collections, artist-run spaces and art communities 

                • Curatorial expertise for exhibitions and/or collection development


                Impart thoughtfully

                Whether you’re just thinking ahead or ready to move on, we can help you impart your collection stress-free. We provide: 

                • Advice and support for resale 

                • Documenting your collection 

                • Market Reports that provide strategic advice for consignment and selling on the Australian and International art market

                Your partner through art thick and thin, we can help guide your collection in whatever direction you need. So remember, focus on being the best custodian you can and leave the rest to your art market experts. To learn more about how an Art Consultant can support you, click here.


                What Our Clients Have to Say

                Recently, we helped a client authenticate a Charles Blackman drawing bought at auction. In liaising with the Blackman estate, we were able to not only verify it, but provide art historical context.

                "Hi Angela, Thank you so much for all of this!... Glad I decided to buy it... I just loved it, now I know it's the real deal. Thanks again"

                – Mark G, Melbourne, VIC



                Art and market insight
                Consulting Service fees

                • Consulting on buying, selling, collection management phone call (or email) – $65 for 15 minutes

                • Consulting on buying, selling, collecting, etc – $110 per half-hour

                • Consulting on whether to buy a work(s) of art – $110 per half-hour

                • Consulting on how best to sell a work(s) of art – $110 per half-hour

                • Collection development – $220 per hour or negotiable long-term

                • Written valuations: The initial work to be valued is $275, then $220 for each subsequent valuation. If necessary, travel to and from your location is charged at $110 per hour.

                See our valuations page for more information.
                  • Written Pre-Purchase Reports – $250 for each work of art. As well as a written report, our purchase reports include a phone consultation with our valuer once you have received your report

                  • Seminars and lectures – $750 plus expenses and up 

                  • Critical essay or writing about art – please enquire

                  • Fine art and brokering – please enquire

                  Clients are informed of fees and charges in advance. All prices are GST inclusive.