For Immediate Release
November 2016

Peter Bainbridge’s newest collection of works ‘Metallica’ brings the bling back – immortalizing icons, floral emblems and appropriations in 24ct gold foil.

Multi-disciplinary creative Peter Bainbridge reinvigorates the notion of ‘treasure’ in contemporary art in his latest series ‘Metallica’.

The artist melds elements of Australiana, Pop Culture and the natural environment in his latest series to create elegant compositions that emanate luxury, nostalgia and contemporaneity in both subject and medium.

Printed in profile over a vivid background that has been screen-printed with richly vibrant oil-based ink, Bainbridge's iconic subjects are then hand-inlaid with 24ct gold foil.


Drawing inspiration from the likes of Australiana, pop-culture and the natural environment the 'Metallica' collection celebrates life's sensual pleasures.

Bainbridge's exquisite rendering and tactile detail within these works is cleverly enhanced by his alluring choice of materials – printing each work on handmade French cotton paper and illuminating his compositions with the inlaid gold foil. The decadent nature of these materials and their delicate application highlights the artist’s passion for lavish detailling.

Simultaneaously, Metallica's pared-back compositions present a stylized approach to minimalism and a visual celebration of the timeless fashion secret that less is more - a distinctive characteristic of Bainbridge’s work that stems from his many years working as a renowned fashion photographer and designer.

As founding editor of Superfoto magazine and his online publishing venture - Bainbridge is well-versed in the reality of a contemporary world fuelled by technology and everything bling. With ease the artist has cleverly transformed what could have easily been a traditional body of work, elevating his subjects to the status of a treasured artefact.

With his fashion photography having featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and his fashion design collaborations with Rose Borg exhibited at the The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Museum of Contemporary art in Osaka, Baltimore Museum in the United States, the Australian National Gallery in Canberra and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney - it is no wonder Australian collectors have taken so quickly to Peter Bainbridge's latest artistic endeavour.

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